Panzer Digest  #14
Released June, 2019, Panzer Digest #14 contains three wargames, plus a lot of other content. Editor:  Gary Graber.  Publisher:  Minden Games.

VIKING FURY:  Solitaire, strategic level game about the initial Viking expansion in Western Europe, late 8th-early 9th century. Six page rules, 8.5" x 11" hex map, 52 counters.

BATTLE OVER EUROPE:  Complete game in the Battle over Britain series, expanding the system to France and Russia.  This is a tactical, plane vs plane dogfight game, with historical planes rated in a variety of categories (speed, agility, performance, armament, damage durability, etc.).  Several scenarios and campaign games.  Nine page rules, Dogfight Display, Fire Combat Table, 20 counters (British, German, French, Russian, Finnish, Italian planes).   Fully compatible with other games in the BoB series.

NORTH CAPE:  Solitaire (and two-player) WW2 tactical (individual ships) naval game using the Advanced Salvo! game system, simulating the Battle of North Cape, December 1943. Ships are authentically rated in a variety of offensive and defensive categories.  Three page rules, Sea Display/Game Tables sheet, 22 counters.

HIER KOMMEN DIE HUNDE!  Four variant dog counters for use with the Combat Leader variant rules contained in this issue.

Constructing Components
From the Editor
Alternatives for Silent War (Compass) Variant (James Meldrum)
Wild Blue Yonder (GMT) Review
Fields of Fire (GMT) Review (David Newport)
Early Viking Expansion: A Brief Introduction
Viking Fury Instructions & Components
Looking Back: Jagdpanther Magazine
Realism in Battle over Britain (Rick Mathews)
Wargame Reviews (Robert G. Smith, Review Editor)
Guderian's War (One Small Step) Review (Robert Smith)
Gallipoli 1915 (GMT) Review (David Newport)
Masada: Epic Last Stand in the Desert (Minden) Review (Robert Smith)
Grunwald Swords (Hollandspiele) Review (David Newport)
Victory & Glory (Forbidden) Review (Robert Smith)
Games Published in Panzer Digest, 2007-2019
Battle over Europe Instructions & Components
ZOCs and Stuff (Hans Korting)
The Naval Wargame Society (Norman Bell)
Hier Kommen die Hunde! (Variant rules for using dogs in Combat Leader)
The Battle of the North Cape: A Short History (Bob Flood)
North Cape Instructions & Components
Other Wars at Sea (Avalon Hill) Variant (James Meldrum)
Storm in the East (White Dog) Review (Robert Smith)
First Look: Fortress Sevastopol (UGG)
The Last Word
(unattributed game designs & articles are by the editor)

46 pages, full-color, 8.5" x 11" format; Panzer Digest is chock full of wargaming fun.

Panzer Digest #14 is also available via, and (for British customers).  Check it out... it is possible to save postage by purchasing through Amazon, particularly for those in Britain and Europe.
As we are distributing Panzer Digest through Amazon (which does not allow separate inserts), all game components are printed among the pages of the book, in color.  You can either remove the pages and separate the components, or scan and print them yourself.

For those preferring physical, professionally printed game components, these are available for purchase directly from Minden Games.  Visit the SPECIALS PAGE to order.

Physical Game Components List
8.5" x 11" Viking Fury map
Viking Fury counter set
8.5" x 5.5" BoE Dogfight Display card
8.5" x 5.5" BoE  Fire Combat Table card
Battle over Europe counter set
8.5" x 11" NC Sea Display/Game Tables
North Cape counter set
Hier Kommen die Hunde! variant counters
note: counters must be cut apart prior to play

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